Case Study - Karin Quirk, Attorney at Law

Company profile

Karin Quirk is a Family Law Attorney who helps divorcing couples do so with respect and dignity. As a seasoned divorce attorney, Karin has seen the emotional trauma, expense, and bitterness created by traditional divorce litigation.  She believes that through a cooperative divorce process, couples can feel empowered to resolve their differences in a respectful manner, while protecting their children from the trauma of court and custody battles and better preparing themselves to begin a new life.
Karin helps her clients experience a better way of divorcing.  She does this by assessing her clients’ current relationship, the complexity of their issues and then works with them to define, and achieve, their goals for their financial, personal and professional future.  This may be accomplished by using Collaborative Law, Cooperative Divorce, mediation, or merely guiding couples through the legal process.

Business situation

Karin’s business has evolved over the last couple of years and she needed to rebrand her business image as well as refine her marketing messages to insure she reached her target market effectively.  Karin had been handling a variety of Family Law cases with a broad range of relevant legal issues.  After learning more and becoming credentialed as a Collaborative Law Attorney she determined that her primary area of interest was Cooperative Divorce which allowed couples to dissolve their marriage in a respectful and cooperative way.

Karin Quirk engaged Purple Duck Marketing to assist her with:


Purple Duck Marketing was able to provide a holistic approach for reviewing the existing business model and making recommendations for new branding.  We also provided an integrated marketing and public relations plan that included:


By engaging Purple Duck Marketing for the above, the law office of Karin Quirk has seen the following benefits and results to all marketing and Public Relations efforts.