nonprofit Marketing coaching

Are your limited resources or knowledge keeping your nonprofit from marketing effectively?

If you are feeling overwhelmed and confused as to how to create more awareness and generate more interest in your’s time to engage a Marketing Coach. If you have a Marketing Plan but your budget is limited, and your staff already overworked…it’s time to engage a Marketing Coach!

At Purple Duck Marketing, our Nonprofit Marketing Coaches will work with you, one-on-one, to help define your organizational goals and objectives and determine the right marketing strategies and tools to achieve them. Whether you need us for a couple of hours, a week, a month, or more, we are committed to helping you navigate and excel in marketing your nonprofit effectively.

A Marketing Coach will help you:

  1. Take an objective look at your Nonprofit and how you are marketing it; what is working and what is not
  2. Write a Marketing Plan if you don’t have one, or review your existing plan to make sure it is on target
  3. Identify your target audiences and flesh out your objectives for reaching them
  4. Create effective marketing strategies and tactics to reach your audience where they work, live, and play
  5. Develop a strong marketing action plan and timeline based on your goals, objectives, and budget
  6. Assess the best use of your limited marketing budget and the most effective ways to stretch it
  7. Determine which marketing tools are most effective for creating an integrated marketing strategy
  8. Develop the content and creative needed to tell your story effectively and motivate your audience to act
  9. Recommend and manage the processes, resources, and projects needed to reach your target market
  10. Remain passionate, committed, and on track with your organization’s most important mission