Nonprofit BootCamp
"On the Road"

Purple Duck University often receives emails from nonprofits outside of Atlanta asking if we will be bringing our Nonprofit BootCamp to their city or town. We are happy to bring our Mini BootCamp “on the road” to your community should a need arise. Whether you are a Foundation looking to assist the nonprofits you support, an Association that supports nonprofits in your community or, a nonprofit that wants to bring together your staff, board members or collaborative partners, our Mini BootCamp may be just what you need to support your nonprofit’s mission.

About Mini BootCamp On the Road

Geared for both the “startup” and existing nonprofit ready to expand their reach, the goal of Mini BootCamp is to provide nonprofit leaders, board members and supporters with the fundamental knowledge and tools they need to create long-term sustainable organizations.

Our Mini BootCamp On the Road includes 3 interactive workshops (17 hours) outlined below. All workshops integrate instruction on proven concepts and best practices to help nonprofits increase awareness, garner support and build long-term sustainability. Each workshop also includes: in-class exercises and role playing, along with customizable templates that can be taken home and utilized for marketing and fundraising activities.

Mini Bootcamp

Mini BootCamp “On the Road” includes
the following Workshops:


(A 7 hour Interactive Workshop)

Writing a marketing plan is easier than you think, and it doesn’t take a marketing degree or a great amount of time. In this hands-on workshop, you will learn the key elements contained in a Nonprofit Marketing Plan while embarking on an interactive journey to create one for your organization. You will work both individually and as part of a team to answer the questions a strong marketing plan must address. You will leave with a marketing plan outline, a new sense of confidence, and the excitement of having created a virtual roadmap to effectively reach your Nonprofit’s target audience and marketing goals.

WHEN YOU GET THE MONEY: The Fundamentals of

(A 6 hour Interactive Workshop)

Every nonprofit knows that fundraising and development activities are key to growth and sustainability. However many organizations struggle not only with HOW to make the ask but with WHAT the requirements of good stewardship are once they receive funds. In this workshop you will take a comprehensive look at each critical phase of making the ask. You will learn the fundamentals of fundraising and development, best practices for support requests, and the responsibilities of good stewardship. And, through interactive exercises you will also learn how to reach out to potential donors, how to interact with them at all stages of the relationship, and how to turn one-time contributions into multiple year funding opportunities.


(A 4 hour Interactive Workshop)

Many nonprofits are so busy getting to the business of running a nonprofit they often forget to officially launch it to the public and media. But, garnering attention and support early in the game can be the difference between struggling and thriving. A public launch can not only increase awareness around your nonprofit and its cause, but can help you to recruit clients, volunteers, financial supporters and collaborators. In this workshop you will follow a detailed plan on how to promote your organization to attract and engage the attention and support needed to run a successful nonprofit.

Pricing: Purple Duck University can bring our Mini BootCamp to your community either through a shared revenue arrangement or through a set fee. Our goal is to help as many nonprofits as possible! Please call us to discuss.

If your organization would like our “Mini” BootCamp to come to your city or organization, please email Susan Burnash at or call us at (678) 925-3582.

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